Mar 21,2020

About Us

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What is the Petty Linguist?

Petty Linguist is the editorial arm of Mad Mouth Poetry. Petty Linguist serves as a platform for poets & writers to express their ideas, share poems and prose, and write about topics that shape the literary world surrounding us all.

Mad Mouth Poetry is a coalition of multi-cultural poets who strive to create & maintain spaces of self-expression that are anti-racist, anti-sexist, and safe for everyone. We seek to prioritize and amplify the voices of poets that we believe to be under-represented: poets of color, intersectional feminist poets, and poets who are non-binary or non-conforming with regards to gender identity and sexual orientation. Petty Linguist reading explores intersections of class, race, sexuality, and gender that are too often inhibited by institutions and structures that have been purposely placed as barriers to engaging with diverse stories and experiences. 

Our team believes meaningful change is created simply by listening and understanding the experiences of marginalized voices. We seek to empower, embolden, and liberate marginalized voices through highlighting artwork, ideas, and self-expression through our platform. In doing so, we hope to create a safe space for those who have too often been denied places for their unique perspectives to be shared, and ultimately engage in meaningful conversation while enacting change within our communities.

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